Life At İlbak

Dilek Medeni – Sales Director

I have been a İlbak employee for 7 years. As I have witnessed the foundation of new companies as part of İlbak's institutionalization process over these years, I have come to see this not only as a workplace for me but as a family. I started as a Project Leader and advanced to Sales Manager and then Sales Director. I have found that we work in an environment where we grow together, together with our company and with our teammates. It is the people who make the job more enjoyable, and work done in with a joyful attitude inevitably leads to success. This summarizes our experience of working at İlbak.

Cenk Üretencan – Director of Mining Factory

I have been an İlbak employee for 14 months. When I think about İlbak, the words "institutionalized," "visionary" and "innovative" comes to mind. The company is a big family in which members have empathy for each other. In working here since its start-up days, I have gained, and continue to gain, valuable experience in managing all technical and administrative aspects of a large mining project. After this project, I would be extremely excited to find an opportunity to execute large projects pertaining to İlbak's management processes.

Özge Erkan - Brand Executive

It has been eight mounths today since I became a member of İlbak family. Young and dynamic İlbak who is empowered by diversity, leads the market in numerous sectors. Being a corporate entity that originates from a family business, our company has a sincere yet professional culture. The sincerity makes you feel secure and enables you realize your potential. At a working environment where qualified work is appreciated, productivity rises. So you connect to İlbak's ever-growing dynamic nature and go through your career path with confident steps towards your ambitions. As an individual with high standards of success, I am honoured to contribute to current and potential gains of my company, İlbak.

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