Marketing Communications

İlbak is a game changer in marketing communications industry innovating creative and technologically qualified solutions. One of its numerous creative agencies succeeded being number eight within the 2017 WARC 100 Index.


The Association of Advertisement in Turkey assumes a growth by the end of 2017 yılının at a rate of 7.3 In Turkey, a growth in between 5 to 10 per cent is assumed to take place. Based on the investments, during the first siz months of 2017 the amount of advertising raised by 4,88 % and reached to 3 billion 840 million TL. TV has the biggest share by 52.7 % where digital becomes the second by 17.9 % and radio comes third with 9.9 %.


İlbak has a tremendous share in the market of the complementary industry of marketing: advertising. The company has operations via media buying agencies, creative agencies and digital agencies.

Globally accepted WARC 100 Index of 2017 locates People Initiative, an İlbak group company, as the number eight of their top picks list.

Ilbak Companies in the Marcom Sector

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