Print Services

High quality inputs and expert human resource are keys to BBM's success.


Printing industry has a tendency towards growth since 2014. This tendency is assumed to reach a sum of 980 billion dollars by 2018.

In Turkey, the printing services have reached to a point where to challenge global rivals. Secrets to this success can be summarized as the technological infrastructure, machine areas and qualified human resource.


İlbak as a game changer in OOH advertising, established BBM to make an entrance about the most important compound of OOH advertising: printing. With this extension, brands are supplied with qualified and to the point input so that their advertising campaign reaches to the climax.

All the key success factors of Büyük Baskı Merkezi offers solutions in a wide range of categories such as indoor aplications, boutique printing solutions, digital projects like veichle coverage and much more. So that the message of the brand is delivered to the audience in every way that it can.

İlbak Holding Companies in the Print Sector

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