Continuing its investments in the tourism sector, İlbak Holding aims to increase the number of hotels it owns, enhance its brand value and always put the customer first.


Tourism is one of Turkey's key industries and it dictates a major share of the country's economy. The country serves many tourism segments, including health, sports, recreational, religious and congress tourism.

Istanbul is a world city in terms of tourism and has an important position among the world countries. This situation is reflected in the statistics. According to tourism statistics, the number of foreign tourists visiting İstanbul in 2017 has an increase of 16% according to the previous year. The number of foreign visitors to Istanbul increased from 7,866,433 in 2016, and 9,182,248 in 2017 in January-October.

Congress tourism is among of the most significant and high-volume tourism types in the industry, generating between 20-30% of the world's tourism revenue. Given its already-established popularity as a destination, Turkey has a notably high potential to service congress tourists. Based on the International Congress and Convention Association's (ICCA) report 2016, Turkey holds the 37th place in event rankings, and 8th place in Europe.


As it continues to invest in the tourism sector, İlbak Holding aims to increase the number of hotels it owns while adopting a service approach that matches the hotels' star ratings, enhances its brand value and always puts the customer first. The company also plans to increase its tourism investments in the future to maintain its industry success and high quality performance.

İlbak Holding plans to open 20 new hotels in Turkey over the next 10 years as part of the Super 8 Hotels Project initiated by a master franchising agreement with Wyndham Hotels Group. The world's largest hotel group, Wyndham has some 8.000 hotels and 631.800 rooms in 66 countries. Combining quality and comfort, Super 8 hotels offer 18 to 20 square meter rooms designed to meet all of the business world's hospitality needs.

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