We are based on Art!

Date: 2.01.2018

As Ilbak holding, base where we sponsor support, the first collective Fine Arts faculties in Turkey realized the new graduates exhibition.

All 2017 graduates of Turkey's new generation of artists, Following the VIP pre-screening on December 20 with the selection of an international jury of 23 people, met with the art lovers at the Galata Greek School for the first time under the same roof on December 21-24.

A total of 116 works of 108 artist candidates from 31 universities were exhibited. 12 thousand art lovers for 4 days, 75 artists participated in the event with the participation of young artists and doyen names.

Within the scope of the event, we are in the life of our 4 racket placed in Galata Rum School, we have introduced our outdoor advertising media, which color the streets and add dynamism, with young artists. While our racquets were carrying visual banners of Ilbak Holding "Sanatı BASE Alıyoruz" between 20-22 December, young artists reflected their colors on our racquet with live painting activity with the theme "Outdoor Art" on Saturday, December 23.

Ilbak holding will continue to support valuable projects that encourage young people to the Arts.

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