Üniversite Medya Secures a Top Spot on Television

Date: 1.11.2012

Broadcast on the Show TV channel and hosted by Görkem İldaş, "Üniversite Medya" has won the trust of university students as well as many awards after nearly 400 episodes over 4 years.

"Üniversite Medya" has now received the "Most Successful TV Program for Education" honor at the Achievement Awards Ceremony at the Tomorrow's Leaders Summit, organized by the Student Council of Turkey, which represents 3.8 million university students nationwide.

In its eponymous TV program, Üniversite Medya focuses on academia and university youth. Its audience largely consists of young people who want to improve themselves or advance their careers, in addition to current university students, parents who takes their children's education seriously, businesspeople interested in following developments in the academic world, university rectors and academics.

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